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How To Bill Medical Records Requests | Descriptions & Billing Guidelines (2022)

Medical records can be billed with S9981 for the administrative part, and S9982 can be used for the fee or every copied page.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) states that states can charge reasonable fees for copying medical records.

The fees for medical records vary per state and include postage, administrative/clerical work, and a fee per copied page.

1. What Is HCPCS Code S9981?

S9981 covers the clerical/administrative work for retrieving and, if necessary, locating the requested medical record.

1.1 Description

The HCPCS book describes HCPCS code S9981 as follows: “Medical records copying fee, administrative.”

1.3 Billing Guidelines

HCPCS S9981 can only be billed for the administrative work of retrieving and locating medical records. You can use HCPCS code S9982 for the fee per copied page.

S9981 is not payable by Medicare.

2. What Is HCPCS Code S9982?

S9982 covers the fee set by the state for every page copy of a requested medical record.

2.1 Description

The HCPCS book describes HCPCS code S9982 as follows: “Medical records copying fee, per page.”

2.2 Billing Guidelines

Do not bill S9982 for the administrative work needed to locate the medical record that needs to be copied.

Most states have set special rates for copying imaging tests onto film or paper.

Medicare does not cover HCPCS S9982.

3. References

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