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How To Use Modifier KF | Description & Guidelines

The KF modifier can be used for pricing. The description and billing guidelines can be found below.

What Is Modifier KF?

The KF modifier is defined by the CPT manual as: “Item designated by FDA as Class III device.”

Modifier KF is a pricing modifier. The HCPCS codes for DME designated as class III devices by the FDA are identified on the DMEPOS fee schedule by the presence of the KF modifier.

When To Use A KF Modifier?

Use the KF modifier for items designated by FDA as class III devices. Modifier KF should not be used with HCPCS codes E0691, E0692, E0693, and E0694.

Modifier KF is only applicable for the following HCPCS codes.

E0785: Implantable intraspinal (epidural/intrathecal) catheter used with an implantable infusion pump, replacement.

K0609: Replacement electrodes for use with automated external defibrillator, garment type only, each.

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