What Is The NASM CPT Test? | Ultimate Guide With 2022 Tips

Nasm CPT is a ten week entry level course for health professional. The aim of this course is to demonstrate competence.


NASM CPT is an entry-level health and fitness credential for professionals who want to demonstrate competence to their stakeholders (such as future employers or consumers).

The NASM CPT program oversees by the NASM Certification Governing Board (CGB), an autonomous and self-governing entity. The Certification Board oversees everything from governance to eligibility rules to disciplinary actions to examination preparation, administration, and scoring. The website has the most up-to-date preparation options.

Aspiring physical trainers who wish to enhance their professions by conducting accurate assessments, planning, and adjusting exercises in safe and effective ways customized to each client are encouraged to enroll in this program. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete Nasm CPT?

NASM CPT certification requires a 10-week online training course. Ten to twelve weeks is a reasonable amount of time to complete the online lessons and prepare for the exam. There is an option to participate in a live workshop and online training.

How Hard Is The NASM CPT Exam?

The NASM CPT must have a complete awareness of professional growth and responsibility, client relations and cognitive coaching, basic and applied science, dietary ideas, evaluation, exercise technique, training instruction, and program design and implementation. Candidates must meet the pre-requisites and pass a written exam considered. 

Aside from personal training certification exams, this one ranks as one of the most difficult in the industry overall. A live workshop is an option in addition to the online instruction. Ten to twelve weeks is a reasonable time to finish the online lessons and prepare for exams. 

The textbook’s approximately 700 pages and dense content may intimidate you. Personal trainers should keep in mind that most gyms only accept certifications from the NCCA, NBFE, or DEAC. Fitness certificates from these organizations hold to the highest standards.


It is a certified program for a certification test developed following psychometric and NCCA criteria and an administrative process that includes credential issuance and a code of professional conduct. To help students prepare for the certification tests, NASM offers a wide range of scientifically sound and challenging tools. 

How To Sign Up

Placement in a particular NASM partner facility for a GymternshipTM is not guaranteed. NASM has the option to invite a facility like this to join as a partner facility. You could recommend that NASM look into working with a non-member facility. 

NASM can’t guarantee that you will be placed in a GymternshipTM at a facility simply because it has chosen to become a partner facility with us. If you provide an address within a 20-mile radius of that address, NASM will only offer you placement possibilities within that radius. 

If you refuse to accept a placement at a NASM-affiliated institution, you will forfeit your GymternshipTM opportunity. Any unused or unsuitable items returned are non-refundable.

The Corrective Exercise Specialization or the Performance Enhancement Specialization will be substituted for your program if NASM cannot match you with a NASM partner facility without your fault within thirty (30) days of the date NASM confirms as your place by date. Within 45 days of receiving confirmation from NASM, you must seek an exchange.

What Is OPTTM?

Optimum Performance Training (OPTTM) is a comprehensive training approach established by NASM primarily founded on scientific data. According to NASM, OPT’s emphasis on science suits program design and repeatable results. “

Clients of all ages and shapes benefit from this program’s emphasis on functional qualities like strength, balance, power, flexibility, core stabilization, and increased aerobic endurance and muscle mass gain.

People and their needs consider, but so is the context in which they operate. This certification and program are not helpful for the elderly, clinically fat, and those who have disabilities. Candidates’ raw test scores convert to scaled scores, ranging from zero to one hundred. It enables them to compare their scores across exam administrations.

How Difficult Is It To Pass A Nasm Exam?

Scaled scores guarantee consistency in reporting passing requirements by considering exam difficulty. The scaled passing mark of 70 is the same no matter which type of exam a candidate chooses to take. 

  • Job guarantees are available to NASM members who have completed any CPT programs.
  • To be qualified for the Job Guarantee, you must meet all of the following requirements:
  • You must score at least 70 percent on my NASM CPT Certification exam to qualify for certification.
  • For the Job Guarantee Request, you must apply to at least three personal trainer jobs within 50 miles of my primary address within 90 days of passing my NASM CPT Certification Exam.

A Gymternship participant can receive the Job Guarantee only if they meet the following requirements:

Complete the NASM GymternshipTM curriculum to the fullest extent possible. Within a 50-mile radius of my primary address, you must apply to at least three personal trainer employers.


Refunds are limited to the work guarantee portion of your purchase and do not include discounted or unpaid fees that apply to your original order. Rebates will not be subject to the usual administrative fee. There will be no refunds for purchases made before the date stated in the preceding paragraph.

The Appeals Committee will provide information on bypassing the Attestation portion of your exam if the requests will grant. Taking the exam will be impossible if you arrive at the testing center and discover that you cannot agree to the Certification Examination Attestations. 

You will ask to leave the testing center. In the meantime, you won’t be able to get a refund and may have to pay costs for late cancellation, retest, and program extension while you wait for your appeal will decide. You can only order $5,000 worth of products at a time. There is a good chance that you will be eligible for one of our payment plans because most NASM CPT courses fall within this range.

After considering the complaint and supporting evidence, the Disciplinary & Appeals Committee will determine if an additional inquiry is required. The committee will make a final decision following a thorough analysis of the available evidence, including the written response and any other materials provided by the accused. 

To assess whether or not any NASM CPT disciplinary actions need to be changed or improved, this committee must vote by two-thirds of the committee to affirm whether or not new disciplinary actions are warranted and what those additional disciplinary actions should be. Within thirty (30) business days after the committee’s decision, traceable mail notification will be sent to the charged candidate or Certified Professional.

How Much Is The NASM CPT Program?

A recertification fee must be paid to NASM by anyone who holds a NASM CPT accreditation. The Recertification Department Recertifying the NASM CPT credential costs $99.00.

This charge will support NASM activities, which will settle after every two years. After the grace period has passed, there is a $50 late recertification fee before the certificate expires.

The NASM CPT accreditation revokes if all renewal requirements will meet by the certification expiration date. Refunds deposits back into the credit card used for the initial transaction. Refunds are completed within 30 days and issued in the same manner of payment as the original. 

Highest Standards

ASM is committed to providing the highest possible standard of certification exams through ongoing research and evaluation of psychometric measures. The first stage in creating an exam is to do a job analysis. 

NASM’s psychometricians interact with subject matter experts from both practitioners and educators. The industry uses this to assess the abilities required for work in the field under examination. The test remains current regarding the competencies that a field practitioner must have through regular evaluations of the profession and job analysis. 

A psychometric team evaluates an exam form’s statistical properties and the quality of the pretest items used to generate future exam forms. The psychometric section examines each item used to create a structure to ensure that the statistical features meet all applicable criteria.

Military Health Care Coverage

There is a wide range of options for military health care coverage. The Credentialing Assistance (CA) program may partially cover NASM training programs. You can reach our Military Funding Liaison at or 844-956-2791 if you have any concerns about the program or need help deciding which programs are eligible.

As a military member, you have access to benefits such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill. NASM programs are eligible for funding for military spouses who approve of MyCAA financing. They’ll walk you through the many MyCAA program options and help you collect the relevant paperwork. We’ll enroll you in a NASM training program of your choice regularly. 


Before taking the NASM-CPT certification exam, candidates must present current CPR/AED certification proof. A current CPR/AED certification card is required when a certified professional apply for recertification.

All CPR/AED courses require students to participate in hands-on activities. The American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, and the American Safety and Health Institute are only a few of the certified providers.

Please check with Member Services before signing up for CPR/AED training with a provider who isn’t on this list to ensure the provider will approve.

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