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Scaphoid Abdomen (2023) | Definition, Causes & Treatments

A Scaphoid Abdomen is a ‘sunken’ abdomen with a convex structure. The abdominal region of the body is an indicator of the general disease and health of the body. By inspecting the abdomen, the doctor receives information about the disease, the symptoms of the disease, and the possibility of its cure. The outer abdomen is the region that reaches from the chest to the thighs.

What Is A Scaphoid Abdomen?

The body’s digestive, reproductive, and excretory organs are located in the outer visible area of the abdomen.

Abdominal muscles and organs surround the outer abdomen. A regular and healthy-looking belly indicates excellent physical health and abilities.

An abdomen indicates the body’s overall health and the proper functioning of the digestive and excretory organs.

During a medical exam, it is the first inspection point for the abdominal organs and muscles. It is also an indication of the ability to reproduce healthily.

The flat abdomen is the only type that is considered normal. The rest of the abdominal shapes are associated with minor and major health complications.

Flatulence often occurs in patients with abnormal abdominal shape. The different types of abdominal classifications are:

  • flat (only type considered normal)
  • scaphoid
  • protuberant
  • distended

The scaphoid abdomen is a hollow or convex structure. It indicates a malfunction of several organs or bodily illness.

The underlying medical problems cannot be diagnosed through a visual or primary inspection of the abdomen so further tests will be ordered.

scaphoid shaped abdomen
Abdominal contour examples

Scaphoid Abdomen Causes

A scaphoid abdomen at birth is associated with congenital diseases such as a diaphragmatic hernia. It is a life-threatening illness, but doctors may be able to correct it with surgery.

Patients with diaphragmatic hernias often show an improvement in their condition after abdominal surgery.

Scaphoid Abdomen In Newborn

A scaphoid abdomen in newborn babies is usually detected at birth. Abdominal swelling is a condition associated with complications and a particular condition.

Some babies with a normal abdomen at birth may develop a fractured mandibular bone later in life due to a severe illness or trauma.

In such cases, doctors advise parents to take precautions and measures to protect the baby’s health best.

Abnormal changes in the baby’s body should be reported to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

The abdomen has a front and rear wall. In babies born with a scaphoid abdomen, the front wall of the abdomen sinks into the shape of a boat instead of being flat or convex.

This indicates that the abdominal organs do not fit in the right place and can be a sign or cause of further complications, including:

scaphoid abdomen in newborn
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in newborn infant


A certified surgeon performs abdominal surgery. During the surgical process, organ placement is corrected and adjusted to the abdomen.

The surgeon also corrects muscle position, and correct diaphragm posture is required.

During the post-operative recovery phase, the patient undergoes internal healing and correction.

If the postoperative abdominal surgery extends longer, it is advisable to complete bed rest and intensive care. The patient becomes healthier in this phase of recovery.

In severe or complicated cases, a recurrence of hernia symptoms cannot be excluded. The patient is advised to take precautions to avoid this. In severe cases, the patient may undergo several operations.

Special postoperative care is recommended for patients diagnosed with a congenital or non-congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

They are advised to refrain from activities and exercises that could aggravate complications in the scaphoid abdomen.

Extensive breathing exercises, which require pulling on the diaphragm or abdominal muscles, may also be restricted in patients.

what is scaphoid abdomen
Severe weight loss with scaphoid abdomen

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