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(2022) How To Code AKI ICD 10 – List With Codes & Guidelines

ICD 10 code for AKI is I82. In this article, you will learn the diagnosis coding of AKI (Acute Kidney Injury) and the updated guidelines for ICD 10 and 11.

What Is Acute Kidney Injury?

AKI is also known as acute kidney failure (ARF). It is a sudden episode of kidney failure that happens within a few hours to days. 

In this condition, kidneys stop working suddenly and become unable to filter the waste from the blood.

Acute kidney failure is a reversible condition, and early treatment is available. 

Common Causes Of AKI

There are three main categories of AKI causes:

  • Prerenal causes
  • Renal causes 
  • Post renal causes

Prerenal causes:

These are the conditions that result in reduced blood to the kidneys like:

  • An infection
  • Heart failure
  • Renal artery stenosis
  • Major burns or dehydration
  • Blood or fluid loss

Renal Causes:

These are the causes that directly damage the kidneys are:

  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Nephritic syndrome
  • Kidney stone
  • Medications that can damage kidneys 
  • Cholesterol deposits.

Post renal causes:

These are the diseases that block the urine from leaving the kidneys are following:

  • Kidney stones 
  • Stone in ureters or urethra
  • Urethral strictures
  • Bladder cancer
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Neurogenic bladder

Signs and Symptoms:

Sudden stoppage of the kidney function is recognized by decreased glomerular filtration rate, oliguria, or increased serum creatinine levels. Other symptoms of acute kidney failure are following:

ICD 10 Code For AKI

ICD 10 code for AKI (Acute Kidney Injury) NOS is N17.9, 

This code should be coded when only AKI is documented without any specified cause in the patient’s medical documents.

Approximate Synonyms:

Acute nontraumatic kidney injury

Acute renal Injury/failure

Acute renal Injury/failure after procedure

Acute renal Injury/failure due to ace inhibitor

Acute renal Injury/failure due to contrast agent

Acute renal Injury/failure due to obstruction

Acute renal Injury/failure from obstruction

Acute renal Injury/failure on dialysis

Acute renal Injury/failure syndrome

Acute with chronic renal failure

Acute-on-chronic renal failure

Prerenal kidney failure

Prerenal failure

Renal failure acute, ACE inhibitor-induced

ICD 10 codes for AKI are as follows, according to its type:

Acute Kidney Injury – Non Billable

  • ICD 10 code for the Acute renal injury with tubular necrosis is N17.0
  • ICD 10 code for the Acute renal injury with acute cortical necrosis is N17.1
  • ICD 10 code for the acute renal injury with medullary necrosis is N17.2
  • ICD 10 code for the Other acute injury or failure is N17.8
  • ICD 10 code for the Acute renal injury, unspecified, is N17.9

Code also:

A note instruction of “code also” in the ICD 10 book suggests that two ICD 10 codes may be required to completely describe a condition, but the sequencing of the two codes is variable, dependant on the intensity of the conditions and the reason for the encounter.

According to the ICD 10 coding guidelines, the underlying condition should also be coded with acute renal failure.

  • Use Additional: B33.4

Type 1 Exclude:

Type 1 exclude condition for AKI is:

  • Posttraumatic renal failure ICD 10 code is T79.5

Its means ICD codes for acute kidney failure N17. And Posttraumatic renal failure could not be coded in the same claim for the same patient because both conditions are different, and only one ICD code should be coded according to the patient’s diagnosis.

Otherwise, a claim would be denied by the payer.

ICD 11 Code For AKI

The ICD 11 code for AKI is B60. The following are related to different stages:

  •  GB60.0 Acute kidney failure, stage 1
  •  GB60.1 Acute kidney failure, stage 2
  •  GB60.2 Acute kidney failure, stage 3
  •  GB60.Y other specified acute kidney failures
  •  GB60.Z Acute kidney failure, stage unspecified

Code also:

The causative agent or underlying condition should also code with AKI, for example:

  • GB90 Certain specified disorders of kidney or ureter
  • GB90 Certain specified disorders of kidney or ureter

Use additional code, if desired:

Use additional code according to its severity (acute, moderate, severe):

  • XS5W Mild
  •  XS0T Moderate
  •  XS25 Severe
icd-10 code for aki
ICD 10 CM Code for Acute kidney failure N17

What Is Chronic Kidney Failure (CKD)?

Chronic kidney disease (chronic kidney failure) is a disease that is characterized by the gradual loss of kidney functions. Kidneys play a very vital role in the homeostasis of the body as they filter waste and excess fluid from the blood, which is then removed in the forming urine. 

Chronic kidney disease is the irreversible loss of kidney functions.

Advanced stages of chronic renal disease may cause dangerous levels of electrolytes, fluids, and wastes to build up in the body that can result in life-threatening complications.

ICD 10 Code For AKI vs CKD

It is a condition when any patient is suffering from chronic kidney failure, and sudden or acute kidney injury occurs as a complication of CKD.

There is an increasing chance that acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) are closely linked and probably promote each other. Underlying CKD is now known as a great risk factor for AKI, as in both conditions,

 Decreased levels of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) and increased levels of proteinuria have each been observed to be strongly associated with acute kidney injury.

ICD 10 code for AKI vs CKD is N17.9.

Matching terms:

Acute renal injury NOS

ICD 11 Code For AKI On CKD

ICD 11 code for AKI on CKD is GB60.Z / GB61. It is a cluster or combination code of two conditions related to each other.

Code also:

The underlying cause other than CKD could also be coded if applicable.

Use additional:

ICD 11 codes to show the severity of the Aki should be coded additionally to explain the condition well;

  • XS5W Mild
  •  XS0T Moderate
  •  XS25 Severe
icd 10 code for aki on ckd
ICD 10 CM Code for Chronic kidney disease (CKD) N18

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