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CPT Code 20930 | Allograft Or Synthetic Substitute For Spinal Surgery

CPT 20930 is an add-on code and can be used if a provider applies bone graft material during a primary spinal surgery procedure.

1. What Is CPT Code 20930?

CPT 20930 is an add-on code and can be used for specific spinal procedures in which a surgeon applies pieces of synthetic bone graft material (or donor material) during spinal surgery.

This procedure aims to encourage the growth of the patient’s bone with donor/synthetic bone graft material while they recover from surgery.

2. Description

Add-on code CPT 20930 is described by the CPT book as: “Allograft, morselized, or placement of osteopromotive material, for spine surgery only.”

3. Procedure

The 20930 CPT code procedure is used during primary spinal surgery. The patient is already anesthetized and prepped and is undergoing spinal surgery (for example, spinal dislocation repair or spinal arthrodesis) before the surgeon starts with this add-on procedure.

The provider applies synthetic bone substitutes or morselized allografts to specific areas to encourage bone growth. They then continue with the primary surgical procedure.

4. How To Use CPT Code 20930

CPT code 20930 may only be used in combination with specific spinal procedures. These spinal procedures are described by following CPT codes:

Double-check with the payer if CPT code 20930 needs to be reported separately. The application of bone graft material may already be included in the primary procedure.

5. Resources

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