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(2023) CPT Code 45330 | Description, Billing Guidelines & Reimbursement

CPT 45330 can be used to bill incomplete colonoscopy. Below is the description, billing guidelines, and reimbursement for this procedure.

Description Of The 45330 CPT Code

CPT 45330 can be billed for an incomplete colonoscopy. An incomplete colonoscopy, for example, the inability to extend beyond the splenic flexure, is billed and paid with this code.

The official description of the 45330 is: “Sigmoidoscopy, flexible; diagnostic, including collection of specimen(s) by brushing or washing, when performed (separate procedure).”

Billing Guidelines

CPT 45330 can be reported in conjunction with modifier 53. Do not report it with the following codes:


The Medicare physician fee schedule database has specific values for CPT 45330 (sigmoidoscopy).

Failure to extend beyond the splenic flexure means that a sigmoidoscopy has been performed rather than a colonoscopy. CPT 45378 with modifier 53 should be used when an incomplete colonoscopy has been done and not CPT code 45330 since the MPFSDB (Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Database) indicators are different for codes CPT 45378 and CPT 45330.

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