How To Use CPT Code 71275

CPT 71275 refers to a computed tomographic angiography (CTA) of the chest with contrast material(s), but this excludes the coronary arteries. The imaging procedure involves using contrast material(s) to help generate culminated meticulous aspects of the chest blood vessels, which then aids diagnosis and treatmen:

t of vascular abnormalities such as aneurysms or blood clots. This code also caters to noncontrast images and image postprocessing.

Short description: Diagnostic CTA chest noncoronary.

The official description of CPT code 71275 is: “Computed tomographic angiography, chest (noncoronary), with contrast material(s), including noncontrast images, if performed, and image postprocessing.”

Procedure for CPT Code 71275

In the CPT 71275 procedure, the patient is comfortably positioned and if required, sedated. An IV line is inserted and contrast material is injected using an automatic injection pump connected to the line. This is followed by cross-sectional images of the patient’s chest being taken and assessed on a computer monitor.

Following this, noncontrast images may also be obtained if required. These images are later stored and subsequently reconstructed for further therapeutic analysis. The postprocessing image reconstruction is carried out by a technician under the supervision of the provider who also later reviews, analyses and interprets the results before preparing a report of the findings.

Qualifying circumstances CPT Code 71275

The patients who are considered ideal for services coming under the purview of CPT 71275 are those who need a detailed examination of their chest blood vessels, excluding the coronary arteries. This includes patients suspected to have aneurysms, blood clots or other vascular abnormalities. The medical provider in charge is responsible to assess that a CTA of the chest with contrast material(s), along with noncontrast images and image postprocessing if performed, is medically necessary and appropriate for the patient’s situation.

When to use CPT Code 71275

The 71275 CPT code is to be billed when a provider performs a CTA of the chest (noncoronary) with contrast material(s), alongside noncontrast images and image postprocessing if performed. Medical coders and billers use the code to precisely document and bill for the particular service provided to the patient considering the procedure is deemed medically necessary and beneficial for the patient’s condition by the medical provider.

Documentation requirements

To file a claim for CPT 71275, it’s crucial to document the medical necessity and relevance of the CTA for the patient’s condition. Details of the procedure including the contrast agent(s) utilised and noncontrast images if obtained, the postprocessing and reconstruction of images, analysis and report of the findings by the provider also need to be proficiently documented.

Billing guidelines CPT Code 71275

While billing for CPT code 71275, it is salient to remember following guidelines and rules: This particular code should only be used for contrast CTAs of the chest without including the coronary arteries. Therefore, oral or rectal contrast should be billed as without contrast. For a code descriptor to include contrast, the contrast must be intravascular, intraarticular, or intrathecal. Additionally, the contrast agent and the administration may be billed separately using the correct code depending on the provider’s payer policies.

Historical Information and Similar codes to CPT Code 71275

CPT 71275 was added to the Current Procedural Terminology on January 1, 2001. Since then, the CPT code has undergone the following changes: On January 1, 2007, the code descriptor was changed to “Computed tomographic angiography, chest, without contrast material(s), followed by contrast material(s) and further sections, including image postprocessing.” On January 1, 2008, the code descriptor was updated to “Computed tomographic angiography, chest (noncoronary), without contrast material(s), followed by contrast material(s) and further sections, including image postprocessing. Similar codes to CPT 71275 include CPT 71250, 71260, 71270, 75574, and 74174.

Examples of CPT Code 71275

Various examples lie within the parameters of the CTA procedure done using CPT Code 71275, such as;

  • a patient who is suspected to have an aortic aneurysm, a patient with a history of pulmonary embolism requiring a CTA for potential recurrent clots;
  • a trauma patient necessitating a CTA to inspect potential vascular injury, a patient suffering from unexplained chest pain undertaking CTA to check for vascular abnormalities;
  • a patient suspected of vasculitis required to undertake CTA to identify the extent of inflammation, a patient post thoracic surgery needing CTA to check for any postoperative complications;
  • a patient presumed to have arteriovenous malformation, a patient with a known thoracic tumor undertaking CTA to examine tumor invasion into neighbouring blood vessels, or
  • a patient suspected of Pulmonary arteriovenous fistula and a patient with peritoneal and omental cyst.

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