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CPT 75574 | Computed Tomographic Angiography (Heart & Coronary Arteries)

CPT code 75574 is a diagnostic procedure that uses CT to produce detailed images of the heart, and its arteries, including bypass grafts, if present, and assesses for abnormalities and cardiac function.

What Is CPT Code 75574?

CPT 75574 is a diagnostic procedure that uses computed tomography (CT) to create detailed, cross-sectional images of the heart and its coronary arteries, including bypass grafts if present.

The procedure involves introducing contrast material into a vein in the patient’s arm and using an X-ray beam to produce three-dimensional images of the heart.

The images are used to evaluate the structure and function of the heart, assess for abnormalities, and evaluate venous structures if necessary. The procedure may also include post-processing to examine the images further.


The CPT book describes CPT code 75574 as: “Computed tomographic angiography, heart, coronary arteries and bypass grafts (when present), with contrast material, including 3D image post-processing (including evaluation of cardiac structure and morphology, assessment of cardiac function, and evaluation of venous structures, if performed).”


Computed tomography (CT) uses an X–ray tube or detectors to produce cross-sectional images to examine any defect or abnormality in the heart.

The provider introduces contrast material at regular intervals in the arm’s vein and examines the heart via the X–ray beam. Then, he makes the patient lie on a table with a CT machine at the other end.

The machine rotates around the patient and takes three-dimensional images of the heart, through which the provider examines the heart or coronary arteries for any defect or abnormality.

The provider may use post-processing to examine the structure and function of the heart, its associated vessels, or any defect because of the bypass graft.

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