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CPT Code 73560 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

You can report CPT code 73560 for an X-ray examination of the patient’s knee (joint) with one or two views.

1. What Is CPT Code 73560?

In the 73560 CPT code procedure, a provider uses X-ray imaging to examine the knee joint for fractures, swellings, or other sources of pain and takes one or two images.

2. Description

The CPT book describes CPT code 73560 as: “Radiologic examination, knee; 1 or 2 views.”

3. Procedure

The procedure, described by CPT 73560, starts with a provider positioning the knee of the patient in a position for the first view. Then, he uses the X-ray machine, which sends radiation beams through the knee, to take the first image.

An image is created because the beam is sent through the bones in the knee joint and appears white in the image. Softer tissue is less visible and looks darker.

Then, if necessary, they take a second image of the knee joint. Both images are recorded with a computer or a special film and show the provider more about the condition of the knee joint.

TIP: Use CPT 73564 for four or more knee joint images. You can find the complete billing guide here.

4. Billing Guidelines

If the 73560 CPT code procedure is performed with two views, describe both in the documentation. You should also check any documentation for X-ray projection, the body positions of the patients, and the correct amount of view.

CPT 73560 can only be used for one or two knee X-rays. Instead, use CPT 73562 for three views of the knee and CPT 73564 for four views or more.

4.1 Does CPT Code 73560 Need A Modifier?

You can append modifier 26 to the 73560 CPT code if you only report the physician’s interpretation.

The technical component for CPT 73560 can be claimed with modifier TC but be aware that some payer expects hospitals.

You can not report CPT 73560 with a modifier if you bill it as a global service.

5. Resources

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