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CPT Code 82947 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines

Report CPT 82947 if a lab analyst measured the glucose levels in the patient’s blood with any method except for a reagent strip.

1. What Is CPT Code 82947?

CPT 82947 covers a glucose test performed by a lab analyst. All types of tests for measuring glucose levels in the patient’s blood can be used during this procedure, except for a reagent strip.

2. Description

The CPT book defines the official description of 82947 as follows: “Glucose; quantitative, blood (except reagent strip).”

3. Procedure

A lab analyst performs the 82947 CPT code procedure. The patient needs to fast for at least eight hours before the glucose test can be performed; therefore, this test is often called a blood sugar test or fasting glucose test.

The lab analyst begins the procedure after collecting the blood sample. Then, they use a specialized chemistry analyzer for methods such as an enzyme assay.

Glucose levels can be measured by adding a reagent containing an enzyme that reacts to the glucose in the blood sample. The changes can be measured with, for example, a spectrophotometer for determining the glucose levels in the patient’s blood.

4. How To Use CPT 82947

Use CPT code 82947 if the glucose levels were determined with any other method than a reagent test strip. Bill CPT code 82847 if the procedure was performed with a reagent strip.

CPT code 82947 is often ordered to test patients for carbohydrate metabolism disorders, such as;

  • pancreatic islet cell cancer;
  • idiopathic hypoglycemia (unexplained low blood sugar); or
  • diabetes mellitus.

Check the payers guidelines if the collecting of blood samples needs to be billed separately. If so, report CPT 36415 for venous blood collection by venipuncture.

Make sure you understand the differences between CPT code 82947 and other CPT codes for glucose tests; CPT 82948, CPT 82950, CPT 82951, or CPT 82952.

CPT 82947 is a CLIA-Waived test.

82947 can be ordered more than once per day. Therefore, submit modifier 91 to CPT code 82947 when you are billing multiple units of this code on the same day.

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