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CPT Code 82962 | Glucose By A FDA-Approved Home Device

CPT code 82962 describes measuring glucose levels in the blood with an FDA-approved device specifically designed for home use.

What Is CPT Code 82962?

CPT 82962 describes the procedure of measuring glucose levels in the blood using an FDA-approved device designed for home use.

The patient begins by washing their hands and then uses a lancet to obtain a small drop of blood from their finger.

This blood is then applied to a test strip on the glucose meter, and the glucose level is displayed on the LCD screen of the device after a few seconds.”


The CPT book describes CPT code 82962 as: “Glucose, blood by a glucose monitoring device(s) cleared by the FDA specifically for home use.”


The patient uses an FDA–approved blood glucose monitoring device. But, first, the patient washes his hands with soap and warm water.

A fresh lancet is inserted into the lancet device. The blood glucose meter and the test strip should be kept ready.

The patient pricks the tip of one of the fingers with the sharp lancet and applies the drop of blood onto the test strip placed on the glucose meter.

The result (glucose level in blood) is displayed on the LCD screen of the device after a few seconds.

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