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CPT Code 92557 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

You can use the 92557 CPT code to evaluate the comprehensive audiometry threshold and speech recognition.

1. What Is CPT Code 92557?

CPT 92557 covers a hearing assessment with different tones at different intensities. This procedure is used to find out what the lowest level is that the patient still can hear.

They also measure the patient’s ability to recognize and repeat familiar words.

2. Description

The CPT book describes the CPT code 92557 as follows: “Comprehensive audiometry threshold evaluation and speech recognition (CPT 92553 and CPT 92556 combined).”

3. Procedure

The 92557 CPT code procedure starts with placing the patient in a soundproof booth. Next, the provider gives the patient headphones or uses speakers for the assessment.

Then, the provider plays a series of tones that vary in intensity. Next, they put a headband around the forehead of the patient. Finally, the headband is pressed against the bone behind the ears of the patients.

Next, the headband is used for conducting sounds through the skull bone. Finally, the patient’s inner-ear bones can pick up the vibrations of the sounds.

Then, the provider checks the patient’s response to the sounds and determines the softest level of sound a patient can hear.

Once the softest level is established, they start with a speech audiometry test. During this test, the patient wears headphones and has to repeat the words they hear.

The test starts with low-intensity sounds to establish the speech reception threshold. This is the lowest sound level the patient understands and can be repeated.

4. How To Use CPT Code 92557

Do not use CPT code 92557 for hearing aid evaluation and selection. Instead, you can use CPT 92590, CPT 92591, CPT 92592, CPT 92593, CPT 92594, or CPT 92595.

In the case of automated audiometry, use CPT 0208T, CPT 0209T, CPT 0210T, CPT 0211T, or CPT 0212T.

Use CPT code 92557 if a provider performed multiple comprehensive audiometry evaluations for a patient suffering from Meniere’s disease. The patient is dosed with glycerol, and the tests are repeated three times in a period of four hours.

Every evaluation in the case described above needs to be reported separately for reimbursement purposes. Make sure to add the appropriate modifiers to show the payer that multiple evaluations were performed.

The claim will be denied without the correct modifier. You can use modifier 76 for repeated procedures or services by the same provider or modifier 51 for multiple procedures.

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