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96110 CPT Code (2023) | Description, Guidelines, Age Limit, Frequency & Modifier

CPT 96110 can be used to bill development and autism screening in children or for a developmental milestone survey. The age limit is 21, and it will be denied for patients 21 and older.


The 96110 CPT code can be billed for development screening. For example;

  • developmental milestone survey;
  • speech and language delay screening;
  • autism screening.

The official description of CPT code 96110 can be found below.

96110 CPT Code Description
96110 CPT Code Description

Age Limit Of CPT Code 96110

The age limit for CPT 96110 is 21. This code will be denied for patients older than 21. No preventative service is required for patients between 0 and 5. Preventative service is required to report patients between the age of 6 and 20.


Developmental screenings can be billed twice a year for those between 0 and 5. Autism screening is not part of development screening and can be billed if medically necessary.


Development screening: report Modifier KX without CPT 96110

Autism screening: bill CPT 96110 with modifier KX

Same-day screenings: Add CPT 96110 without modifier KX on the first line for general developmental screening. Add CPT 96110 with modifier KX for autism screening.


CPT 96110 is reimbursable. Make sure to add development and autism screening on a separate line if performed on the same day. Only the general developmental screening (without modifier KX) will be paid if both screenings are performed on the same day.

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