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CPT Code 96360 | Initial Intravenous Infusion Of Hydration

CPT code 96360 is used for the initial intravenous hydration infusion and takes between 31 minutes and one hour.

What Is CPT Code 96360?

CPT 96360 describes the procedure of an initial intravenous infusion of hydration.

This procedure is administered to dehydrated patients who need hydration therapy. It involves the insertion of a catheter into a vein and the infusion of a solution containing electrolytes and fluids for 31 minutes to one hour.

The provider may discuss the need for hydration with the patient and their family and use an existing indwelling catheter or port to administer the infusion.

The purpose of this procedure is to restore the patient’s hydration levels and address any related medical issues.


The CPT book describes CPT code 96360 as: “Intravenous infusion, hydration; initial, 31 minutes to 1 hour.”


The provider discusses the need for hydration with the patient and a family member, explaining why it is necessary and what to expect.

The provider inserts the catheter’s stylet, or needle, directly into a patient’s vein in the hand or arm. The provider may choose a vein in the foot in very young patients.

The provider may use an existing indwelling intravascular access catheter or port. Then, he compares the fluid and electrolytes bag label to the infusion orders.

The provider then establishes the IV site and starts infusion of the initial hydration solution, a prepackaged fluid with electrolytes.

How To Use CPT 96360

Use CPT code 96360 for the initial 31 minutes to one hour of intravenous hydration.

Use modifier 59 with 96360 when the initial and the second infusion do not last more than 31 minutes. Do not report CPT code 96360 if the hydration infusion lasts 30 minutes or less.

You may report modifier 76 with CPT 96360 for each additional infusion of the same substance or drug.

Although many medications can be taken orally, sometimes that route is not an option because of time concerns or the need to get medicines or other treatments directly into the veins. In these situations, the provider or other qualified professionals can establish an intravenous line that goes into a vein to deliver medications or other substances.

CPT code 96360 represents the initial IV hydration infusion. You should code one initial service code per patient per day unless protocol or circumstances require the provider to use two separate IV sites.

If a second IV is started on the same day, verify that the record states why the first initial hydration failed and that you have notes describing the second initial hydration procedure in the other arm.

If the provider performs IV hydration infusion for more than one hour, use add-on code CPT 96361

An IV push can be coded with CPT code 96374. For each additional sequential IV push of a new substance or drug, use the add-on code CPT 96375 separately in addition to the code for the primary procedure.

Do not report CPT 96360 with initial IV push CPT 96374 or the add-on code CPT 96375 unless protocol requires two separate IV sites and your provider has multiple encounters with the patient on the same service date.

You can charge for hydration before or after a therapeutic infusion, but don’t count the time for the hydration running simultaneously as the therapeutic infusion.

Concurrent means simultaneously through the same access site but can be through a different lumen of the same catheter. Multiple substances mixed in one bag are considered to be one infusion, not a concurrent infusion.

You may not report CPT 96360 if the procedure is performed as a concurrent infusion service.

You can not bill intravenous infusion for hydration of 30 minutes or less.

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