CPT Codes For Biceps Tenodesis (2023) | Long & Short Descriptions

The biceps tenodesis CPT codes 23440, 24340 and lastly you may use CPT code 29828. You can find the official long descriptions and short descriptions of the biceps tenodesis CPT codes below to use it for billing this procedure.

CPT Code 23430

Long description: Tenodesis of long-tendon of the biceps.

Short description: Biceps tendon Tenodesis .

CPT Code 24340

Long description: Tenodesis of biceps tendon at elbow [separate procedure].

Short description: Elbow biceps tenodesis.

CPT Code 29828

Long description: Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical biceps tenodesis.

Short description: Shoulder arthroscopy biceps tenodesis.

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