CPT Codes For X-Rays Of The Shoulder Area (2023)

The X-ray shoulder CPT codes cover six procedures as defined by AMA. Below are the procedural codes with the official long descriptors and short descriptions.

CPT Code 73020

Long description: Radiologic examination, shoulder 1 view.

Short description: Shoulde radiologcal examination, 1 view.

CPT Code 73030

Long description : Radiologic examination, shoulder complete, minimum of 2 views.

Short description: Complete shoulder radiologic exam, min 2 views.

CPT Code 73010

Long description: Radiologic examination scapula, complete.

Short description: Scapula radiologic exam, complete.

CPT Code 73040

Long description: Radiologic examination, shoulder, arthrography, radiological supervision and interpretation.

Short description: Shoulder arthrography exam, with supervision.

CPT Code 73050

Long description: Radiologic examination acromioclavicular joints, bilateral, with or without weighted distraction.

Short description: Bilateral Acromioclavicular joint radiologic exam.

CPT Code 73060

Long description: Radiologic examination humerus, minimum of 2 views.

Short description: Humerus radiologic exam, min 2 views.

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