CPT Codes For Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedures Of The Head And Neck

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for diagnostic ultrasound procedures of the head and neck.

CPT Code 76506

CPT 76506 describes echoencephalography in real time with image documentation (grayscale) for determining ventricular size, delineating cerebral contents, and detecting fluid masses or other intracranial abnormalities, including A-mode encephalography as a secondary component where indicated.

CPT Code 76510

CPT 76510 describes ophthalmic ultrasound, diagnostic, which includes both B-scan and quantitative A-scan performed during the same patient encounter.

CPT Code 76511

CPT 76511 describes quantitative A-scan ophthalmic ultrasound, diagnostic.

CPT Code 76512

CPT 76512 describes ophthalmic ultrasound, diagnostic, with a B-scan (with or without superimposed non-quantitative A-scan).

CPT Code 76513

CPT 76513 describes ophthalmic ultrasound, diagnostic, which includes anterior segment ultrasound, immersion (water bath) B-scan, or high-resolution biomicroscopy, unilateral or bilateral.

CPT Code 76514

CPT 76514 describes the determination of corneal thickness through ophthalmic ultrasound, either unilaterally or bilaterally.

CPT Code 76516

CPT 76516 describes ophthalmic biometry by ultrasound echography, A-scan.

CPT Code 76519

CPT 76519 describes ophthalmic biometry by ultrasound echography, A-scan, and intraocular lens power calculation.

CPT Code 76529

CPT 76529 describes ophthalmic ultrasonic foreign body localization.

CPT Code 76536

CPT 76536 describes an ultrasound of the soft tissues of the head and neck, such as the thyroid, parathyroid, and parotid, with real-time image documentation.

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