CPT Codes For General Grafts (Or Implants) Procedures On The Musculoskeletal System

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for general grafts (or implants) procedures on the musculoskeletal system.

CPT Code 20900

CPT 20900 describes a minor or small bone graft from any donor area, such as a dowel or button.

CPT Code 20902

CPT 20902 describes a major or large bone graft from any donor area.

CPT Code 20910

CPT 20910 describes a costochondral cartilage graft.

CPT Code 20912

CPT 20912 describes a cartilage graft of the nasal septum.

CPT Code 20920

CPT 20920 describes a fascia lata graft performed using a stripper.

CPT Code 20922

CPT 20922 describes using a fascia lata graft by incision and area exposure, either complex or sheet.

CPT Code 20924

CPT 20924 describes a tendon graft from a distance, such as the palmaris, toe extensor, or plantaris.

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