CPT Codes For Ultrasonic Guidance Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for ultrasonic guidance procedures.

CPT Code 76932

CPT 76932 describes Ultrasonic guidance for endomyocardial biopsy, imaging supervision, and interpretation.

CPT Code 76936

CPT 76936 describes the ultrasound-guided repair of arterial pseudoaneurysms or arteriovenous fistulae, including diagnostic ultrasound evaluation, compression of the lesion, and imaging.

CPT Code 76940

CPT 76940 describes ultrasound guidance for and monitoring of parenchymal tissue ablation.

CPT Code 76941

CPT 76941 describes imaging supervision and interpretation for ultrasonic guidance for intrauterine fetal transfusion or cordocentesis.

CPT Code 76942

CPT 76942 describes ultrasonic guidance for needle placement, such as biopsy, aspiration, injection, and localization devices, as well as imaging supervision and interpretation.

CPT Code 76945

CPT 76945 describes Ultrasonic guidance for chorionic villus sampling, imaging supervision, and interpretation.

CPT Code 76946

CPT 76946 describes Ultrasonic guidance for amniocentesis, imaging supervision, and interpretation.

CPT Code 76948

CPT 76948 describes ultrasonic guidance for aspiration of ova, imaging supervision, and interpretation.

CPT Code 76965

CPT 76965 describes the use of ultrasonic guidance for interstitial radioelement application.

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