CPT Codes For Incision Procedures On The Femur (Thigh Region) And Knee Joint

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for incision procedures on the femur (thigh region) and knee joint.

CPT Code 27301

CPT 27301 describes the incision and drainage of a deep abscess, bursa, or hematoma in the thigh or knee region.

CPT Code 27303

CPT 27303 describes the incision of the femur or knee with the opening of the bone cortex for conditions such as osteomyelitis or bone abscess.

CPT Code 27305

CPT 27305 describes an open fasciotomy and iliotibial tenotomy.

CPT Code 27306

CPT 27306 describes percutaneous tenotomy of a single adductor or hamstring tendon.

CPT Code 27307

CPT 27307 describes percutaneous tenotomy of multiple adductor or hamstring tendons.

CPT Code 27310

CPT 27310 describes knee arthrotomy with exploration, drainage, or removal of a foreign body, such as an infection.

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