CPT Codes For Patient Safety

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for patient safety.

CPT Code 6005F

CPT 6005F describes the rationale for the level of care documented, such as the severity of illness and safety.

CPT Code 6010F

CPT 6010F describes dysphagia screening conducted before ordering or receiving any foods, fluids, or medication by mouth.

CPT Code 6015F

CPT 6015F describes the patient as eligible for food, fluids, or medication by mouth.

CPT Code 6020F

CPT 6020F describes NPO (nothing by mouth) ordered (STR).

CPT Code 6030F

CPT 6030F describes all elements of maximal sterile barrier technique, hand hygiene, skin preparation, and sterile ultrasound techniques followed if ultrasound is used.

CPT Code 6040F

CPT 6040F describes the use of appropriate radiation dose reduction devices or manual techniques for appropriate moderation of exposure, documented.

CPT Code 6045F

CPT 6045F describes documenting radiation exposure or exposure time in the final report for a procedure using fluoroscopy.

CPT Code 6070F

CPT 6070F describes patient counseling about anti-epileptic drug (AED) side effects (EPI).

CPT Code 6080F

CPT 6080F describes querying a patient (or caregiver) about falls (Prkns, DSP).

CPT Code 6090F

CPT 6090F describes counseling the patient (or caregiver) about safety issues appropriate to the patient’s stage of disease (Prkns).

CPT Code 6100F

CPT 6100F describes the need to timeout to verify the correct patient, correct site, and correct procedure and to document it in the PATH.

CPT Code 6101F

CPT 6101F describes safety counseling for dementia provided (DEM).

CPT Code 6102F

CPT 6102F describes safety counseling for dementia ordered (DEM).

CPT Code 6110F

CPT 6110F describes counseling regarding the risks of driving and the alternatives to driving (DEM).

CPT Code 6150F

CPT 6150F describes a patient not receiving a first course of anti-TNF (tumor necrosis factor) therapy for IBD.

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