CPT Codes For Repair Procedures On The Bladder

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for repair procedures on the bladder.

CPT Code 51800

CPT 51800 describes a plastic operation on the bladder and/or vesical neck, including an anterior Y-plasty, vesical fundus resection, and any procedure with or without wedge resection of the posterior vesical neck.

CPT Code 51820

CPT 51820 describes cystourethroplasty with unilateral or bilateral ureteroneocystostomy.

CPT Code 51840

CPT 51840 describes anterior vesicourethropexy or urethropexy (e.g., Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz, Burch) as a simple procedure.

CPT Code 51841

CPT 51841 describes anterior vesicourethropexy, or urethropexy (e.g., Marshall-Marchetti-Krantz, Burch), and complicated secondary repair.

CPT Code 51845

CPT 51845 describes Abdomino-vaginal vesical neck suspension, with or without endoscopic control (e.g., Stamey, Raz, modified Pereyra).

CPT Code 51860

CPT 51860 describes cystorrhaphy, the suturing of a bladder wound, injury, or rupture in a simple manner.

CPT Code 51865

CPT 51865 describes cystorrhaphy, the suture of a complicated bladder wound, injury, or rupture.

CPT Code 51880

CPT 51880 describes the closure of cystostomy as a separate procedure.

CPT Code 51900

CPT 51900 describes the closure of the vesicovaginal fistula using an abdominal approach.

CPT Code 51920

CPT 51920 describes the closure of the vesicouterine fistula.

CPT Code 51925

CPT 51925 describes the closure of the vesicouterine fistula with a hysterectomy.

CPT Code 51940

CPT 51940 describes the closure of the exstrophy of the bladder.

CPT Code 51960

CPT 51960 describes enterocystoplasty, including intestinal anastomosis.

CPT Code 51980

CPT 51980 describes a cutaneous vesicostomy.

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