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Suture Removal CPT Codes (2023)

Removal of the corneal suture requires local anaesthesia (5% procaine) of the eye. A 26 gauze needle is inserted into the seam and a knot is cut.

The seams are then removed with the help of forceps.

CPT Codes For Suture Removal

The CPT codes used are CPT 15850 and CPT 15851. Simple seams can be removed by pulling out the knot of the seam with tweezers or scissors until the knot is removed.

By pulling the long end, the seam can be easily removed.

CPT Codes For Suture Removal (Standard Procedures)

Deep seams can be removed using standard procedures. The CPT code used for these methods is CPT 15850 & CPT 15851.

The seam knot can be pulled out for cutting with tweezers or scissors. It can also be pulled with continuous action by placing the knot in surgical gauze.

The CPT code used in these procedures is CPT 15850 and CPT 15851.

Wounds that require enlargement or enlargement are determined by penetration of a foreign body, ligation or clotting of a smaller vessel.

Remaining sutures are not easy to diagnose because they do not show on the surface. This is best examined after suture removal.

Remaining sutures can be removed with tweezers or scissors using the standard procedure for suture removal. The CPT code used for this method is CPT 15851.

In a seam removal kit, tweezers are used to pull the knot and scissors to cut the seam end. The long end of the wound is absorbed and removed from the skin.

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CPT Code For Seam Removal Kit

All instruments are included in the seam removal kit. The CPT codes for using the kit are CPT 15850 and CPT 15851.

CPT Code For Suture Removal By A Nurse

The CPT code for suture removal by a nurse is CPT 99211. The suture removal can be performed by a nurse.

The billing guidelines for CPT code 99211 can be found here.

The nurse performs the same standard suture removal. With tweezers the knot of the seam is pulled with scissors and the knot is cut. The seam is then removed by pulling

Anaesthesia For Suture Removal

What is not defined in the CPT code for suture removal is anaesthesia. Suture removal can be performed by applying a numbing cream under local anaesthetic.

It can also be performed if the patient has some kind of anaesthetic intolerance or is born with pain.

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