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99211 CPT Code (2023) | Description, Guidelines, Reimbursement, Modifiers & Examples

The 99211 CPT code may be used for established patients and is defined as those treated by the provider (or another member of the same medical group and specialty in the last three years. You can’t use 99211 for a new patient. When it comes to 99211, the established-patient rule is crucial. 


Medicare uses the concept of incident-to-services, which states that an initial course of treatment initiates with the help of a provider who provided direct, professional service to that patient before giving the 99211 CPT code services.

At the time of an appointment, the supervising provider must be in the office suite to submit the code 99211 to specific payers (including Medicare). There is no need to have a billing provider in the patient’s room or to conduct face-to-face services for this provider. 

The supervising provider does not need to be the one who wrote the care plan. If you use 99211 CPT code services “incident to,” you may note the professional who gave it and the doctor who oversaw it. 

An “incident to” treatment will document the supervising physician’s engagement in the patient’s care in some form, such as by using one of the following:

  • It’s critical to emphasize the nature of the doctor’s participation, whether they much or how to care
  • Evidence from previous service dates suggests a close link between them.

Medicare has looked into a few incidents where the code 99211 may enter incorrectly. Upon examination, all 99211 activities for which proper documents do not prove that an E/M service may perform will reject as defined in this document. 

Appointments for established patients may require the attendance of a physician or other competent healthcare provider, or they may not necessitate their presence at all. Code 99211 specifies an “outpatient visit for the evaluation and care of an established patient that may not require the presence of a physician,” as CPT defines.

 According to CPT’s findings, 5 minutes may spend conducting or supervising these services. It is a small problem if it does not demand the presence of a physician or other competent healthcare professional, but the therapy administers under their supervision.

American Medical Association: “If the physician or other qualified health care professional’s time may  spend overseeing clinical employees who conduct the face–to–face services in an encounter, use 99211 CPT code.” 

99211 CPT Code | Description

According to CPT, there are two types of established patients: those with a history of receiving technical advice from one practitioner and those without.

For the 99211 CPT code, Medicare uses “incidental services,” and established patients are critical. A non-physician practitioner performs services unrelated to the patient’s primary care (e.g., RN). Providing the 99211 services was a byproduct of the provider’s larger long-term care strategy.

CPT® code 99211 is defined as follows in the 2011 CPT Standard Edition handbook:

“It is common for minor issues to cause the visit. It usually takes less than five minutes to provide or monitor these tasks”.

Evaluating and managing a patient in person include documenting clinically relevant and essential information exchange.

For the documentation to be understandable, it must include information about the service provider, including their name and qualifications. For “incident to” services, an auxiliary staff member may favor the physician, and the physician’s charge will reflect that.

 It is essential to identify and credential the doctor who supervised the treatment and the medical professionals who performed it. There will be no acceptance of any service that does not show or prove that an E/M service was completed and is necessary.

 Regular drugs are provided by doctors and staff members regardless of what an injection or infusion code is stated separately on the claim. 

99211 CPT code will  use by clinicians or labor to bill for the following items:

  • Blood pressure may check to see if the information gained helps control the disease.
  • Payment for blood samples may obtain, or a similar diagnostic research test will submit separately from a claim for blood collection for laboratory examination, a complete blood cell screen, or other diagnostic tests.
  • Diagnoses and treatments that aren’t generally covered or reimbursed (especially when payment may couple with reimbursement for another service) can perform. 
cpt code 99211

Billing Guidelines

Two of the most significant recorded portions of all resolved office patient charge codes define the suitable administration level (99211-99215). In contrast, new patients’ consideration experiences in the office must meet the requirements of the three most frequently raised parts described above (99201-99205).

 Only the top two-thirds of sections should be able to establish whether or not CPT® 99213 warrants further study. The following test may design to assess your knowledge of the prerequisites necessary to pass the CPT 99213 exam. 

Eye-to-eye contact is essential in all E/M events, as it always has been. Codes for outpatient centers allow Medicare to bill for episodes the administration may provide by someone other than the doctor. 

Depending on the situation’s specifics, the doctor may be able to bill for the whole amount. The administration billed the incident to the doctor’s supplier number. It’s a medical coding number, 99213. As a whole, the issue’s history. 

Only 1-3 elements may need the historical context of the current illness (HPI) or the status of three ongoing restorative conditions (HPI). Therapeutic, social, and familial histories may require for admission. 

Preventative care includes Pap Smears, which detect abnormalities in the cervical tissue. Visit the office (99211 CPT code), and 95115-95117 are incompatible (allergen immunotherapy). Mutually exclusive services are not eligible for separate reimbursement. 

Preventive and routine doctor’s visits will consist of this category. Counseling and care coordination are essential in determining eligibility for E/M services if it accounts for more than half of the physician’s patient and family contact (in the office or other outpatient environment).

99211 CPT code for outpatient care may provide in a clinic or another outpatient facility to established patients who do not take place in the presence of a clinician or other licensed health care practitioner.

Problems presented are typically minimal. The average time to provide or monitor these services is five minutes. Billing instructions instruct that the bill one unit for each visit.

How To Use Modifiers With The 99211 CPT Code

Only established office visits (99211-99215) billed with modifier -25 are payable with treatments when there are two separate diagnoses on the claim and the billing expert is a dermatologist. 

E&M services invoiced with Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 99211 and modifier 25 on or after March 16, 2020, will be denied reimbursement if they bill alone or with another procedure code on the same day the service was performed.

For a low-level E&M visit that does not need the presence of a physician or the recording of essential components, CPT code 99211  may use to bill for the history, examination, and physician prescription. Modifier 25 mandates the medical facility service to document all crucial details.

In this case, just the CPT code 99211 with modifier 25 will reject. We will amend our reimbursement policy for evaluation and management services to reflect this change.

E/M service code 99211 may not compensate for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The procedure’s definition of “major” does not include this low service level code. Hence it will not give in addition to the procedure code.

Drug administration services, such as chemotherapy or non-chemotherapy drug infusion, should not be billed with Procedure Code 99211, and carriers should alert providers (effective January 1, 2004).

 On November 14, 2004, the FDA added a therapeutic or diagnostic injection code to its policy as part of the Clinician Fee Schedule Final Rule. At this point (January 1, 2005).

Medically essential, significant, and distinct E/M services (that meet a higher level of complexity than Procedure 99211 CPT code) may perform in addition to one administration service, and E/M Procedure codes will report with modifier -25.

Documentation is required to prove the level of E/M service charged. If an E/M service will provide on the same day, a new diagnosis is unnecessary. Having a physician present for an outpatient appointment for an established patient’s evaluation and management does not need their presence.

These services take five minutes to provide or monitor, costing between $25 and $40 per hour. Code 99211 office or outpatient appointments for existing patients do not require the presence of a physician or other registered health care practitioner.


In cases where the operation is not otherwise covered/reimbursed, or payment may bundle, whether or not a single procedure code can submit on the claim for clinical procedures. In 2021, Medicare will pay $23.03 for this code.

Inappropriate Usage

Don’t use CPT 99211 to bill Medicare for phone calls to patients.

Don’t report CPT 99211 to bill Medicare solely for writing prescriptions (new or refill) when no other evaluation and management is necessary or performed.

Don’t use the 99211 CPT code to bill Medicare for blood pressure checks when the information obtained does not lead to managing a condition or illness.

Don’t report CPT 99211 to bill Medicare when drawing blood for laboratory analysis or when performing other diagnostic tests, whether a venipuncture or other diagnostic study test is submitted separately.

Don’t use CPT 99211 to bill Medicare when drawing blood for laboratory analysis for anti-coagulation monitoring and no face-to-face counseling occurs with the beneficiary, even if a results later that day are called to the beneficiary.

Don’t report the 99211 CPT code for face to face counseling that is provided without a medical need for such counseling; i.e., provided solely because the patient comes for laboratory testing.

Don’t report CPT 99211 to bill Medicare routinely when administering medications whether or not an injection (or infusion) code is submitted separately.

Billing Examples

Below are billing examples for the 99211 CPT code.

Example 1

Please arrive at the office of a long-term orthodontics patient who complains of a wire irritating their face and asks that you check it out. orthodontists and maxillofacial surgeons 

Example 2

During an allergy vaccine injection, a 20-year-old female patient observes by a nurse for any reaction signs. (Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery)

Example 3

A 45-year-old man with chronic renal failure may see at the office for the supply of erythropoietin. (Nephrology)

Example 4

Patient: A Peace Corps volunteer visits the office and asks for proof that her third molar will remove. She is already an established patient. Dentists and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Example 5

Treatment of an established female patient, 69 years old, by removing some antibiotic gauze from an infected wound site. (Plastic surgery)

Example 6

Office visit for an 82-year-old female, established patient for a monthly B12 injection with documented Vitamin B12 deficiency. (Geriatrics/Internal Medicine/Family Medicine)

Example 7

Office visit for a 50-year-old male, established patient, to remove uncomplicated facial sutures. (Plastic Surgery)

Example 8

Office visit for an established patient who lost a prescription for lichen planus; returned for new copy. (Dermatology)

Example 9

Office visit for an established patient undergoing orthodontics who complains of a wire irritating his/her cheek and asks you to check it. (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery)

Example 10

Office visit for a 50-year-old female, an established patient, seen for her gold injection by the nurse. (Rheumatology)

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