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(2023) How To Bill Depression Screening (G0444 CPT Code)

Depression screening can be reported with the G0444 CPT code. The description of CPT code G0444, billing guidelines and place of services codes can be found below.

G0444 CPT Code Description & Billing Guidelines

Description Of G0444: This code can be used for annual depression screening. Report one code for every 15 minutes.

Description Of CPT Code G0444
Description Of CPT Code G0444

The nationally covered and non-covered indications for CPT code G0444 can be found below.

Nationally Covered Indications

CMS will cover annual screening for the G0444 CPT code up to 15 minutes for Medicare beneficiaries when staff-assisted depression care supports are in place to assure accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and follow-up. 

At a minimum level, staff assisted supports consist of clinical staff (e.g., physician assistant, nurse) in the primary care setting who can advise the physician of screening results and who can facilitate and coordinate referrals to mental health treatment.

A primary care provider must provide services covered under this NCD.

Nationally Non-Covered Indications

Screening for CPT code G0444 is non-covered when performed more than one time in 12 months. Also self-help materials, telephone calls, and web-based counseling are not separately reimbursable by Medicare and are not part of this NCD.

Medicare coinsurance and Part B deductible are waived for this preventive service.

Place Of Service Code (POS) For CPT Code G0444

Contractors shall pay for annual depression screening claims, G0444, only when services are provided at the following Places of Service (POS):

  • POS 11: Physician’s office19 Off Campus-Outpatient hospital
  • POS 22: On Campus-Outpatient hospital
  • POS 49: Independent clinic 
  • POS 71 :State or local public health clinic

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