ICD 10 For Left Ankle Sprain, Left Ankle Sprain ICD 10, ICD 10 Left Ankle Sprain

(2022) How To Code Left Ankle Sprain – List With Codes & Guidelines

This article will outline the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and ICD CM 10 codes for Left Ankle Sprain.

Left Ankle Sprain ICD 10 Causes

Left Ankle Spain ICD 10 can be diagnosed when a sprain occurs in the left ankle of a patient. The left ankle is forced to move beyond its normal position and causes one or more of its ligaments to stretch, tear or tear. The causes of left ankle sprain ICD 10 include falls that cause the ankle to twist or land on the foot, jumps or swings when walking, exercising on an uneven surface, or when a person steps on the foot during a sport or activity.

Left Ankle Sprain ICD 10 Diagnosis

The doctor will determine whether the injury is a sprain or a more serious injury in order to diagnose Left Ankle Sprain ICD 10. He or she will also have a physical examination to determine if ligaments have ruptured. During the examination, the doctor will move the left ankle in various ways to check range of motion. This allows the doctor to make a correct diagnosis. An imaging test, such as an X-ray, is ordered to rule out fractures. An MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to create a detailed image of the body. This happens if the doctor suspects a fracture or serious injury to a ligament or damage to the surface of the ankle.

Left Ankle Sprain ICD 10 Treatments

Rest is the most important treatment for Left Ankle Sprain ICD 10. Rest can prevent from injuring the left ankle or straining inflamed tissue. A brace or splint can relieve the joint. The swelling can be kept low by ice compression. Ice is the best treatment for this. Ice on the ankle reduces blood flow, which helps with swelling, redness and heat. Ice also prevents inflammation, so that the injury can be managed more effectively. The left ankle needs to stay elevated. The patient needs to keep the injured area as high as possible and help the body absorb additional fluid. It is best to support the ankle so it is higher than the heart when lying down in a chair. The patient needs to use an elastic bandage or pack until the swelling subsides. Anti-inflammatory pain medications can be give to te patient after Left Ankle Sprain ICD 10 is diagnosed. Over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen or naproxen work best for most people.

Minor or moderate sprains do not require surgery. If the patient has a mild or moderate sprain, but the sprain is severe, the patient has a higher risk of spraining it again, especially if the patient exercises a lot.

ICD 10 CM Codes For Left Ankle Sprain

ICD 10 CM 593.4: Sprain of ankle
ICD 10 CM S93.40: Sprain of unspecified ligament
ICD 10 CM S93.41: Sprain of calcaneofibular ligament
ICD 10 CM S93.42: Sprain of deltoid ligament
ICD 10 CM S93.43: Sprain of libiofibular ligament
ICD 10 CM S93.49: Sprain of other ligament of ankle

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