Phosphorus CPT Codes (2023) | Short & Long Descriptions

We created a list that you can use for billing phosphorus-related procedures. The CPT codes for Phosphorus can be found underneath.

CPT Code 3278F

Long description: Serum levels of calcium, phosphorus, intact Parathyroid Hormone [PTH] and lipid profile ordered [CKD].

Short description: Serum levels testing.

CPT Code 77081

Long description : Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry [DXA], bone density study, 1 or more sites appendicular skeleton [peripheral] [eg, radius, wrist, heel].

Short description: Bone density study.

CPT Code 80069

Long description : Renal function panel. This panel must include the following: Albumin (82040), Calcium, total (82310), Carbon dioxide (bicarbonate).

Short description: Renal function panel.

CPT Code 84100

Long description : Phosphorus inorganic [phosphate].

Short description: Phosphate testing.

CPT Code 84105

Long description : Phosphorus inorganic [phosphate] urine.

Short description: Urine phosphate testing.

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