CPT 99453, CPT 99454, CPT 99091, CPT 99473, CPT 99474,

CPT Codes For Digitally Stored Data & Remote Physiologic Monitoring

CPT 99453 Description: The provider sets up and trains the patient on the use of remote physiologic monitoring equipment.

CPT 99454 Description: Use CPT 99454 for every 30 days of equipment supply and monitoring. The provider supplies the patient with remote physiologic monitoring equipment and receives daily recordings and/or programmed alerts.

CPT 99091 Description: CPT 99091 can be reported once each 30–day period. The provider interprets medical information such as home glucose monitoring results, blood pressure records or ECG recordings and received in digital form from a patient or his caregiver requiring at least 30 minutes of the provider’s time.

CPT 99473 Description: CPT 99473 may be reported for calibrating a blood pressure monitoring device that has been validated for clinical accuracy and training the patient in its use.

CPT 99474 Description: The provider prepares a report, collects the data, discusses a treatment plan with the patient and averages the systolic and diastolic blood pressures. The patient measures her blood pressure using a validated blood pressure device, taking two readings over a 30–day period (one minute apart twice a day). The provider takes at least 12 readings (minimum) and reports them to the provider.

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