HCPCS Code Q9967 | Description & Billing Guidelines

Q9967 can be billed when a provider uses a Low Osmolar Contrast Material (LOCM), preventing life-threatening reactions and improving patient comfort.

What Is Q9967?

HCPCS code Q9967 represents the supply of low osmolar contrast material, or LOCM, a contrast agent with a lower concentration of particles present in solution than a high osmolar contrast material of the same iodine concentration.

What Is Low Osmolar Contrast Material?

Low osmolar contrast material is a special dye that enhances images in diagnostic radiology.

It has a lower concentration of particles in solution than less expensive high osmolar contrast material, resulting in fewer life-threatening reactions and greater patient comfort.


The official description of HCOCS code Q9967 is described by Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Short Description: “Locm 300-399mg/ml iodine,1ml.”

Long Description: “Low osmolar contrast material, 300-399 mg/ml iodine concentration, per ml.

Pricing Indicator: 51

Code: I1E

Code Added: January 01, 2008

Last Changed: January 01, 2008

Billing Guidelines

Report Q9967 per milliliter of contrast material 300 to 399 mg per mL iodine concentration.

For low osmolar contrast material of other concentrations, see HCPCS codes Q9965 and Q9966.

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